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DS: Paris 2019

This experience made me feel so confident in myself and every moment made it feel like I was a real model. I would do it over and over and over again if I could!” –Jensen, student at University of Arkansas

The whole experience was amazing from the announcement to the final shoot. This team was professional, organized and informative. The hotel was beautiful. Everything was so easy! This was the best experience, hands down and a dream for my daughter.” –Beth, mother of Callie

Well hello there! You are here for a VERY specific reason, aren’t you excited?! I have a love for photography, traveling and influencing the lives of young people. I thought, why not roll it into one experience!? So this is what that vision is: Destination Session. Our first Destination Session was in New York City, our second…in sunny Los Angeles, our third and forth DS’s took us back to The Big Apple and our most recent was in Paris, France!

Those who sign up for this, want the experience for a variety of reasons. Modeling, senior photos, big change in their life…etc. We want this experience to be something you’ll remember forever and you will because these trips are amazing! Also, did I mention that Destination Session is for GUYS as well?! So come on guys, we know you want to go too!

Below is the sign up process, along with details of this once in a lifetime photo session/trip. Please read through everything carefully by yourself and then with your parent/guardian (if you’re under 18 OR still live at home). SIGN-UP DEADLINE WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON.

Make sure you fill out and respond in a way that reflects you, not who you want to be. My team and I want those that are craving an exciting experience and aren’t afraid to take risks. We will discuss what we can offer you during this experience, as we want every bit of it to reflect you and your personality.


Spring 2020: 

Where: New York City            

When: May 29-June 01, 2020


Option 1 $2200: Photo Session Package, Professional Hair and Makeup, Clothing and Professional Styling of all looks and Professional Video of the experience. You book your own hotel and flight. This is a great option for people who have frequent flyer points and/or hotel points OR want their parent to come along with them.

Option 2 $2800: Photo Session Package, Hotel, Professional Hair and Makeup, Clothing and Professional Styling of all looks and Professional Video of the experience. You book your own flight.

All-Inclusive Option $3200: Photo Session Package, Roundtrip Airfare, Hotel, Professional Hair and Makeup, Clothing and Professional Styling of all looks and Professional Video of the experience. We do it all for you! You sit back and don’t have to worry about booking anything.

The Styling: There will be 4 sessions catered to you and your style. Each session will have a certain look and will be styled by Kara. She will personally give you money and shop with you to find each of your looks. All looks will be shot in a different location throughout the city and she makes sure your looks are individualistic and reflect the location of that particular shoot.

Hair+Makeup: You will be professionally styled for every shoot. Our professional hair and makeup artists will work together to create something totally unique to you. We will have styling sessions for you before we leave. All three stylists will be on location with us to finalize, update and retouch your looks.

Roundtrip Airfare: Airfare is also included in the All-Inclusive option. Prices reflect flights round-trip from XNA. If you would like to fly out of another airport, we will need to check the pricing for you. You are responsible for transportation to and from the airport and or parking, if it’s needed.

Hotel Accommodations: Three nights stay in a hotel in Manhattan is included in two options. All female models will room together and all male models will room together. If you want to bring your mom, aunt…..whomever, to be a part of this, awesome! They can book their flight and room on their own and follow us all around these amazing cities and experience the excitement as well!

Photo Session Package: You will receive a private, online gallery to view your photos and here’s the HUGE advantage of doing this: YOU GET ALL IMAGES FROM YOUR SESSIONS! All of them! (This is a $5000 photo package) All digital images will come with a copyright release form and you’ll be able to share/print whatever you want, as much as you want. Whether it’s for senior photos, portfolio building or to just try something new, these photos are yours to share and look back on for the rest of your life. That’s amazing, right?! Yes it is.

****A $550 deposit is required to SECURE your spot. The remaining balance will be due one month before we leave and you can make monthly payments, if that’s easier.****

Want help with funding? Get sponsors, write letters! Set a goal and make it happen. Don’t miss out on this if it’s something you REALLY want.

I’m the only photographer in the area doing something like this. Be adventurous! Be bold! Be unique!

NYC Sessions take place Saturday and Sunday. When we aren’t shooting, the rest of your time is free for you to explore and once we have a detailed shooting schedule nailed down, you can start planning your other adventures!

We want this experience to be memorable for you. We don’t want this to be just another photo session or just another trip. We want to rock this concept and with you, we can! I’m going to stop talking now, but please keep scrolling because you’re about to start your application process!!

**Denotes that your price could go above the quoted rate if you choose a different airport. If you fly out of Little Rock, for example, your deposit amount will not change, but the overall price COULD (doesn’t mean it will) change. 


Ashley Lewis: [Photographer] Ashley is the creator of AB Lewis Photography. She started this business almost 5 years ago with uncertainty, after being in the classroom for 13 years and it has turned into one of the most exciting times of her life! She absolutely loves shooting and editing, it is a wonderful creative outlet for her. She feels like she’s constantly living one, big, learning curve…but that’s okay. Ashley lives in Rogers, AR with her husband Garrett, a television meteorologist and they have two children, Graham-8 and Ellis-4. They are crazy and adventurous and take their kids all over the world. They just recently visited Prague, Czech Republic last fall and Paris a few months ago! She cannot wait to share this Destination Session experience with you and become a photographer friend for life! Follow her on Instagram: @ablewisphoto

Kara Karber: Kara graduated from the University of Arkansas Fort Smith with a degree in English and began teaching in a middle school soon after. After teaching for several years, she decided to take a chance and open a women’s clothing boutique. Running a storefront allowed her to realize her passion for styling women, and it also allowed her to connect with Ashley Lewis who began shooting product photography for the store. Although aspects of the business were fulfilling, she made the decision to close shop in order to focus her attention on styling shoots and becoming a mom. Kara has styled every Destination Session and continues to pull out some amazing looks for these on location shoots and is on a constant lookout for unique items that will help you break out of your styling comfort zone. Kara lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband John and their new son, Koah. Follow her on Instagram: @karakarber

Hannah Simpson: [Skin and MakeUp] Hannah has been a makeup artist for over 10 years. While working with MAC she received her PhD Certification, traveled to events as an artist, became a product specialist and also Viva Glam Ambassador. She currently works at Crown Beauty Bar in Fayetteville, AR as an Esthetician, MUA, and Permanent MUA. Hannah has a passion for helping people enhance their natural beauty while staying current on trends and services. Follow Hannah on Instagram: @hannahsimpsonbeauty

Melissa Valenzuela: [Hair Design] Melissa has been in the Beauty Industry since 2003. She has an eye for fashion and is inspired by everyday surroundings. Her latest venture with NWAFW is a good example of her ability to work with a team and improve the quality of the desired looks. She has a passion for making every person in her chair feel beautiful and to feel more confident in themselves. She has worked with beauty teams in Portland Oregon and had assisted leads in multiple fashion shows and Special occasion events. Follow Melissa on Instagram: @stylereserve @mvalenciaga_hair 

Joel Chasteen: [Videographer] After serving in the United States Marine Corps, Joel pursued his passion for music while attending Honolulu Community College. Having produced for many years, he focused on audio engineering and gained a degree in Music Business. But his creative interest in video and cinematography only grew. Soon he began experimenting and artists he would come across through music circles starting asking him to do their music videos. This led to focusing in on his craft more deeply. Within only a few years and relocating back to Arkansas, he is now a full-time video editor for 5 Star Productions – Fort Smith’s flagship production company. You can see some of his personal work at Vimeo.com/GrandDose and follow him on Instagram: @granddose


Before you go any further, TALK THIS OVER WITH YOUR PARENT(S)/GUARDIAN(S) if you are under 18 OR ARE STILL LIVING AT HOME. Please DO NOT start the application process without talking with them first! I don’t want you to complete this entire process, are accepted to go and then they say: what?! I didn’t know about this, you can’t go. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS CAREFULLY.

APPLICATION (Please answer thoughtfully and carefully)

These questions can be answered multiple ways. We want you to be VERY specific as to why you want to be a part of this experience. Do you aspire to be on Broadway or want to create a portfolio? Are you majoring in drama, music, styling/fashion or design? Are you a person that has never been to NYC and it has always been your dream? You get the idea. If submitting via video or attaching photos, email those to: ablewisphotography@gmail.com

I Understand….

*….that if I will be 18 years of age when this trip takes place AND I live at home, I will need full permission from my parent and/or guardian. If I am chosen, you will receive, in writing, permission from my parent/guardian. 

*….that if I will NOT be 18 years of age when this trip takes place, I will need full permission from my parent and/or guardian before you can even look at my application. If I am chosen, you will receive, in writing, permission from my parent/guardian. 

*…..that I am responsible for the deposit ($550) and understand that I will receive 75% of my deposit back ($412.50) if I withdraw from Destination Session less than two weeks before airfare is booked (if the DS team is booking it for me). 

*….that if I withdraw from Destination Session AFTER my airfare is booked, I will not receive my deposit back. However, I will receive the airline ticket in my name. I will be responsible for that airline ticket and any fees that occur with changing the dates or canceling. 

*….that I am required to attend all meetings leading up to the final trip. The meeting dates will be given to me way in advance and if I cannot attend a meeting, I will notify AB Lewis Photography within an appropriate amount of time. 

By submitting this application, I am acknowledging the above “I Understand….” statements and will agree to adhere to all the above statements if chosen as a Destination Session model. If I am 18 years of age, the application submission is my acknowledgment. If I am under 18 years of age, this will be discussed and read by my parent/guardian. Their confirmation, in writing, will be their acknowledgement of these statements.

If you decide to submit your final application written or any other form that doesn’t show your face, please make sure we are able to find current photos of you on social media. If not, please email me one. This is essential for the styling team, so that they can better assess how to begin styling your looks. Thank you SO much for being adventurous and signing up for this, it will truly be an exciting experience for you and something you’ll remember the rest of your life.