Contract: Release of Liability

I will accompany AB Lewis Photography LLC: Ashley Lewis to Paris, France from June 11, 2019 to June 18, 2019.

I understand that Ashley Lewis will be supervising and I (and anyone accompanying me) will be expected to follow all rules and instructions given by anyone on the DS team.

I understand that all decisions are my own and I assume the risk of participation in such a trip and further acknowledge that I will not seek to have AB Lewis Photography LLC: {Ashley Lewis} held liable in the event that any accident, injury, loss of property, bad decision or any other circumstance or incident occurs during, or as a result of my participation in this trip to Paris, France with Ashley Lewis of AB Lewis Photography LLC.

This release of liability includes accident, injury, loss, or damages to myself, as well as, to other individuals or property which may result from my participation in the trip to Paris, France with Ashley Lewis, including, but not limited to my failure to follow rules set forth by Ashley Lewis and her team.

I hereby release and agree to hold harmless Ashley Lewis from any claims arising out of my (or anyone accompanying me) participation in this Destination Session experience.

I have read and understand and accept all of the statements recited above and accept full responsibility as described.