Ashley Lewis: Projects + Style

Monte Ne Chicken Rebrand: This local, Northwest Arkansas client wanted a complete refresh of their traditional branding, with an updated twist.

My role was to manage the entire project, from shooting, editing, posting and creating a user interface that was friendly and spoke to their “down home” customer.

The client provided specific guidelines regarding imaging, font, color and style.

C3Designs Start-Up: This San Diego client received patent approval and needed to develop a strategy from the ground, up.

My role as project manager was to: *Seek out a videographer *Scout shooting locations *Book models *Work out logistics/budget *Shoot/edit for social media and other print.

The client provided detailed specifications regarding font, layout, graphic placement and theme.

Social Influencer, Media/News: As a page administrator of an influencer known regionally and nationally, I was expected to follow specific guidelines.

The reach has approximately 170,000 followers across all social media platforms. When posting to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and TikTok, the style guide dictates and guides the look and feel, while the platforms strategically speak to different demographics.

Consistent and uniform style guide utilization is mandated across all platforms including, but not limited to: television, web and social media.

These four photos/graphics were posted on Facebook and Twitter, using the Style Guide guidelines.

Food Blog: I was given creative control by this client to provide unique images of food products for online use. I chose to style items that were colorful and recognizable, while shooting against a white background.

This offered a great deal of contrast, a hint of shadow and enough color pop to grab the blog reader’s attention.

The food items are also recognizable and created a sense that any reader could prepare great dishes using these items from their home.

Destination Session: Storytelling is a wonderful way to connect with your audience. I like to story tell through images of local clients, in faraway places, while instilling self-confidence in my clients. Destination Session allows me to show off my skill, while evoking emotion from my viewers and confidence from my subjects.

Every Destination Session brings out creativity through: *Collaboration with my team *Scouting locations *Styling looks *Creating a styling and shooting schedule *Building a social media plan for sharing *Framing my shots *Creating something visually outstanding.

Knowing your audience is key, giving them something they can relate to is invaluable.

Thank you for taking time to look at my work! I’m very passionate about what I produce and hope that shows through this page.