Unconventional Shoot


Most of the time, my shoots are aimed at styled and street. When Kaitlyn messaged me, she had an outfit in mind and knew exactly how she wanted her hair and makeup. You see, she was one of the original girls that I took to New York City for our first Destination Session and she knew exactly what her shoot needed.

So when we met that morning, on shooting day, I simply mentioned to her that I had read a blog post about a photographer who took the challenge to shoot in a home improvement store and that I wanted to do something along those lines with her shoot and she immediately said yes.

Now, am I the first photographer in history to shoot in these places? Probably not. But it’s VERY rare that a client is excited about a shoot of this nature. So, thanks Kaitlyn….what a fun day!! I hope these images inspire you to do something different as an artist or suggest something to your photographer the next time you book a session with them!

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We started off in Harp’s Grocery:

Then, onto Lowe’s Home Improvement:

The Party Place


(specifically, in locations I had NEVER shot)

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  1. This, by far, has to be my favorite shoot that you have done! Awesome work…love the girl and her confidence! I need to learn from her!

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