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So, AB Lewis Photography is gearing up for our first Destination Session and it’s going to be in the best city: New York! The entire team is super excited and I can’t wait to shoot at some iconic locations in the Big Apple. I always have a lot of people ask me what gear I use, so I thought I would blog about it!


Let’s take a look into my camera bag and give you an inside peek into what I use for on-location shooting. First off, I just received this kamertte backpack from Australia and it is phenomenal! So chic and functional. There are so many compartments, it’s amazing. They offer two styles, but I opted for the backpack.


I shoot with a full-frame, Nikon D750 and in my opinion, produces beyond beautiful images. I always carry a backup camera, which is currently a Nikon D7100, that I can always grab for additional shots if needed. It’s a lot easier to mount two different lenses to two, different camera bodies…rather that switching out. Saves time and profanity.


Nowadays, I mostly shoot with a 70-200mm/2.8 lens. It’s perfect for fashion photography because my model can stay in one place AND I can stay in one place and get three different shots with just the adjustment of the lens. I also shoot regularly with what I call the “prime lens trinity” and they are the: 35mm, 50mm and 85mm. They produce that beautiful blur in the background (bokeh) and are great in low-light situations. If you want something wider and offers more space in your scene, choose the 35. But, of course, I find that all three are great to have for different shooting situations. I use the 35 a lot when I do hospital visits to photograph newborns because I can fit most of the room in my shot. I use the 50 and 85 for portraits because they are sharp and lightweight. The 70-200 is HEAVY, but it produces magnificent images. Like I said before, I use it for a lot of fashion shots, editorial…etc. However, it’s also great for family shoots because it allows me to keep my distance from the young kiddos and still get the shot.


The oh-so lightweight, 13″ MacBook Pro with the new touch bar technology is in my backpack and always ready to go. It runs my editing software (Adobe Lightroom) flawlessly and allows me to work in any space. Life is so much easier with it.


I carry this cute, little, Polaroid cube with me. It’s magnetic and is mostly used for video, but I can get still shots from it as well. It’s great because it’s small, it can stick to metal and it has a great lens. This can fit in my pocket. It’s awesome for capturing on-location work to post on social media or to create promotional videos.


I use this small, but mighty, flash called a LumeCube when extra light is needed. It’s so small, it’s LED and I can literally place it anywhere to bounce light in a portrait. For me, it’s better than a huge flash because it’s lightweight and can travel in my pocket.


Other stuff you’ll find in my backpack: a camera cleaning kit, multiple SD cards (in a cute, little, zip-up, storage sleeve), multiple chargers, extra batteries and business cards. Even with all of THAT packed in, there’s still room for other things.

So, if you’re wondering if this backpack will be my carryon? Absolutely. It (along with all the gear + accessories) will be used in NYC this weekend for fashion and Denver next weekend for engagement photos. Then it will go with me to California later summer and to Europe in the fall. I can’t wait for you to see all the wonderful images from my adventures. If you’re curious about any of the items I mentioned here, I added a few links within the reading. If you want to learn more about the gear you currently have, shoot me a message and we’ll go shoot!

Make sure to follow me on IG/Snapchat/Twitter: @ablewisphoto and Facebook: AB Lewis Photography for updates and most current work! Go on an adventure guys, life is short.

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