I Love You.{I Know.}


I love unique. I love it when I’m asked to do something different. It’s challenging, it’s fun and I feel like I can be EVEN MORE creative. It pushes the boundaries.

Samantha contacted me recently to set up an engagement session and had mentioned they wanted the shoot at our local, public library. During our exchange of emails and getting details together, I asked her: “why the library?” and this was her response:

[I’m thinking of a thumbing-through-the-stacks-looking-for-love type thing. I’m an English teacher with a writing degree, so my whole life is pen and paper. I read fiction, and John reads nonfiction. We compliment each other in that way. One of the first things we ever did was exchange Harry Potter books. Our whole lives are built around the things that we love together, and libraries are the places where that happens. So, it’s less about The Library and more about the idea behind it.]

It was perfect. And I couldn’t wait! These are the pictures of their story. As we were walking through the genealogy department, a huge-impossible to miss, stained glass window scaled the east wall. John said: “When they built this library, they had local students create pieces of art for this stained glass window. My brother and I were some of those students, look….here’s our artwork.”

You don’t get more personal than that! Congrats Samantha and John….she loves you and you know….




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