Street Lights, Big Dreams, All Lookin’ Pretty


Vibrant colors, new sounds, a different language and the smell of……fish? Welcome to the Melting Pot, or technically, I think it’s offically called “The Salad Bowl” now, but whatever you call it, culture is definitely not lacking in this city and I LOVE IT. I spent nearly all day in the oldest parts of New York, mostly in Chinatown, learning it’s history.



Even though I can’t even remember how many times I’ve actually been to this city, today I felt like I had hit the trifecta: the city I adore, photography and history, all rolled into one. What a day. It’s so refreshing to be reminded as to why this country is so unique. The different cultures, how so many lives are interwoven into one, the clusters of people that represent all corners of the world. It’s hard to imagine what America would be like without it’s diversity. As I walked the streets, and composed my shot, I did wonder what their big dreams were…what they envisioned their life would be like when they made the very difficult decision to move to an unknown country. Was it to escape a harsh government? To give their children a better life? To be one step closer to freedoms they would never have in their native country? Whatever the reason, their big dreams may not look too different from mine. Afterall, all we really want is something better for ourselves and our family, right? They don’t have easy jobs. They’re probably doing a job I wouldn’t want to do….yet, there they were smiling and laughing and serving their customers and genuinely looked like they were enjoying life. I wish I knew their stories.

This photo has a lot of elements to it. Walking through Chinatown there were so many interesting things to look at, that it was impossible to capture all of them through the lens, but each image is still such a unique perspective of life. Where I live, you would NEVER see anything like this. I guess that’s why I love spending time in the city: street lights, big dreams and they’re all looking pretty. Well said, Jay-Z, well said.

What is your eye drawn to first as you look at this photo? Comment and let me know!

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